Welcome to the press area of Freies Schauspiel Ensemble!

Here jour­nal­ists, blog­gers and online editors find press photos related to our repertoire. All printable press photos are available for downloading. Please note that the pictorial material may only be used in conjunction with a report on our theatre and with the citation of the play title in its entirety. Should you require further infor­ma­tion, please do not hesi­tate to contact us.

Press material-Lungs © Felix Holland
Press material-Rituals © Felix Holland
Press material-The Uncompleted © Felix Holland
Press material-Maria Stuart © Felix Holland
Pressefotos-Maria Stuart_Preannouncement © Bettina Müller
Press material-BeFree,Always! © Felix Holland
Press material-Diplomacy © Felix Holland
Press material-Faust © Felix Holland
Press material-IBelieveInOnlyOneGod.Hatred © Felix Holland
Press material-IWillBe © Felix Holland
Press material-IWouldPreferNotTo © Felix Holland
Press material-TheGlassMenagerie © Felix Holland

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