Paris, August 1944. German soldiers still occupy a large part of France and the capital city. But what will happen if the Allies invade Paris within the next few days? The play takes place at the “Hotel Meurice”, headquarters of General Dietrich von Choltitz, Wehrmacht commander of Greater Paris. He has received orders from Hitler: “Paris should not fall into enemy hands – and if it does, then ‘only as a field of rubble’.”
Everything is prepared for the destruction of the French’s capital city. Suddenly the Swedish consul general Raoul Nordling sneaks into von Choltitz’ room through a secret door. A fascinating, oppressive and thrilling exchange takes place between the Swedish diplomat and the German military man.

by Cyril Gély


Cast Jürgen Beck-Rebholz, David Földszin, Adrian Scherschel
and Husain Mamen, Victor Schlothauer, Darios Vaysi
Director Bettina Kaminski
Stage design Gerd Friedrich




German premiere 30. September 2017
Duration 1 hour 30 minutes without intermission