Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I., Queen of England – two female monarchs in a patriarchal society on an island torn by decades of fanatic religious wars and fierce struggles for power.

To what extend can a queen be free? In her feelings, her thoughts, her decisions, her actions? To which advisors, influences and political as well as economic interests is she exposed to?

Mary Stuart flees, chased away from her throne, to her cousin Elizabeth I. to England. She hopes for shelter but is imprisoned in a castle as soon as she arrives. Elizabeth is concerned about Mary´s claims of the English throne. A fateful fight emerges between the two women. They never met each other, but they react to the image each has of the other. What will happen when they look into the other´s eyes for the first time after 19 years?

nach Friedrich Schiller


Cast Bettina Kaminski, Neda Rahmanian
Derector Reinhard Hinzpeter
Stage Design Gerd Friedrich



Premiere 16. März 2019
Duration 1 hour, 10 minutes